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Already have one interview planned and more in the pipeline thanks to this. Great service!
Tod Chambers - Founder of UpRaw Media
I just wrote to 21 podcasts in under 30 minutes. Seriously great stuff...Oh and I booked 2 within 30 mins after that
Jen Coken - Executive Coach & Best Selling Author
I could have paid a PR agent hundreds or thousands of dollars...MatchMaker lets me control my story with only a few clicks.
Tony Loyd - Host of Social Entrepreneur

Features to help find more meaningful conversations.

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Filter guests and podcasts by your niche (Business, Comedy, News, etc)


Streamline communication via MatchMaker’s messaging service.



Add a video pitch to your profile for a more personal introduction.

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Short-listing made easy Favourite your top profiles for easy access later.


coming soon

Set a date and go! Manage your schedule directly within the app for seamless booking.

Networking & Events

Discover more opportunities and learn from the best with our community focused events.

Coming Soon.

Podcast Network & Talent Agency Support.

We're busy planning features that will support managing multiple podcast and guest profiles allowing representatives to act on behalf of a wider group of profiles.

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